BI-METAL HACKSAW BLADES 8% COBALT - HSS                                

Product Brief

Super efficient, shatter proof bi-metal blades for superior cutting performance, wear resistance & safety. Ideal for use on tough materials

Blades comprise of a high speed steel cutting edge electron beam welded to a tough spring steel back. Bi-metal construction provides optimum tool life, together with high resistance to breakage

High speed steel cutting edge with well formed tooth profile is precisely milled, hardened & tempered providing quicker, cleaner & efficient cuts

Addition of Cobalt enhances the hardness of these blades to 66-68 HRC, thus providing higher wear resistance. Very useful for Nickel based alloys, high hardness steels & other solids

6 teeth chip removal cycle & individual tooth setting, promises nearly 30% more cutting power, cleaner cutting & also prevents teeth from binding in with material being cut

Blade Width
1/2" (12.5 mm)

Blade Thickness
0.025" (0.63 mm)

Available in a choice of 14, 18, 24 & 32 TPI and Blade Length 10" (250 mm) & 12" (300 mm)