DOUBLE FACE MALLET KIT                                

Product Brief

Multi-purpose striking tool useful for a variety of applications in industrial, automotive, light engineering & metalworking: for striking surfaces that could get damaged by steel hammers

Chrome plated screw head with 2 screw-in replaceable heads. Tubular steel handle shifts the weight balance towards the head for extra power in each blow

Available with a choice of heads:

  • Plastic Head

    To lightly strike material without damaging or marring the surface. Used for piston cylinder assembly in engines, jewellery making etc.

  • Rubber Head

    To deliver cushioned strike. Used in sheet metal & aluminium fabrication jobs, installation of wheel hub caps in automotive assembly & maintenance

  • Brass Head

    Used in denting & painting shops, fitting jobs without causing any damage to the work surface

  • Copper Head

    Provides a firm positive blow without any risk of marring the surface of highly finished expensive components

  • Light Engineering Jobs
  • Injection Moulding
  • Light Metal Working
  • Denting & Painting
  • Assembly & Fitting in automotive workshops
  • Assembly work when need to avoid damage to the surface of component & parts
  • Jewellery Making