HYDRAULIC BOTTLE JACKS                                

Product Brief

The GROZ Hydraulic Bottle Jacks come with a “Load Limiting Device” a unique safety feature to make sure that the jack is not accidentally used beyond the rated capacity.

Leak–Proof Performance
Welded construction ensures leak proof performance

Higher Stability
Forged steel base plate imparts higher stability even under high load as compared to jacks with CI base plates

Increased Durability
Due to internally machined oil passages, smooth bearing surfaces and close tolerances.

Machined and polished RAM with die cut threads that reduce wear and tear

Powder coated 2 piece lifting lever rod with pressed ends for convenient opening & closing of pressure release valve

Stronger Grip
Knurled heat treated saddle head with non- slip surface gives stronger grip

100% factory tested

50% safety overload factor

Ideal for use on heavy duty trucks, agriculture, construction, mining, automotive, and marine applications where lifting, pushing, spreading, bending, pressing, or straightening is required.