DRUM CART HEAVY DUTY                                

Product Brief

Tough built carts for convenient movement of drums in workshops and industrial environments

Manufactured from heavy gauge thick steel sheet in premium powder coated finish


Upto 3"(75 mm) ground clearance for smooth movement over uneven surfaces, a common feature in workshop environments


10" dia front wheels.

Available in two versions:
a. Pneumatic (Air filled) wheels
b. Phenolic wheels


5" nylon rear castors with toe lock for high safety & stability


Heavy duty, adjustable metallic chain secures drum to the cart and prevents any accidental tipping off during movement


Unit comes flat packed in knocked down condition for ease of transport


Available in 2 sizes

  CART/120P CART/400P
  Cart Cart with rear base for mounting hose reel
SUITABLE FOR For 50 kg / 60 litre / 120 lb. pails For 180 kg / 205 litre / 55 gal. / 400 lb. drums
STEEL SHEET THICKNESS 1/4" (6.35 mm) 1/2" (12 mm)
GROUND CLEARANCE 3" (75 mm) 2" (50 mm)
MAX LOAD CAPACITY 175 Kg (385 lbs) 350 Kg (770 lbs)
HOLD DRUMS Dia. upto 18" (450 mm) Dia. upto 25-5/8" (650 mm)