COMPOSITE AIR OPERATED OIL RATIO PUMP - 5:1     ORP-51                            

esp Bomba de aceite precisón - ratio 5:1    frPompe pneumatic de distribution d'huile - rapport 5:1   de Pneumatik-olpumpe

Product Brief

Compact Air operated 5:1 Ratio pump for dispensing Oils upto 5 times the pressure as the Air Inlet

Double Acting Operation with discharge upto 15 LPM (4 GPM)

Operates off most small compressors with size as small as 0.08 cubic meter / minute (3 cfm)

Commonly used in workshops, farm, construction machinery or as a part of a Mobile oil system

Reciprocating piston operated 72 mm (2.83” )dia. Air Motor

Non corroding air motor design (composite construction) allows the pump to be used without an air line lubricator

Built-In pressure Relief valve prevents both the pump & system against damage created by excessive pressure due to thermal expansion

Stub pump design with dual oil inlet threads 1” NPT (F) & 1” UNEF (F), allowing the user to make his own suction tube for any drum / tank depth

Ideal for use over long distances upto 50 metres

Comes complete with 2” Bung nut to fit directly onto Oil barrels

Aluminum, Zinc, Steel, Brass, nitrile & polyurethane rubber

For use with Oils to SAE 140 viscosity, ATF, Diesel, Kerosene, and Soft Self Collapsing Grease


Ordering Information

ORP/51/N   45310   Stub Pump Only   1/2" NPT (F)
ORP/51T/N   45311   Pump complete with 1" Telescopic Suction Tube   1/2" NPT (F)
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Pump Specifications
Air Inlet Connection 1/4” NPT (F)
Pump Outlet Connection 1/2” NPT (F)
Working Pressure 60-150 PSI (4-10 BAR)
Maximum Air Pressure 150 PSI (10 BAR)
Air Consumption 270 lt/min (72 GPM)
Discharge 15 LPM (4 GPM)
Maximum Viscosity of Oil 140 SAE
Noize Level 85 db