WASTE OIL DRAIN - GRAVITY FEED     WOD-30     WOD-50                        

esp Drenaje de aceite residual – alimentación por gravedad    frVidange d'huile usée - alimentation par gravité    de Altölauslass - schwerkraftzufuhr

Product Brief

Oil Drain with wheel mounted tank for gravity draining of motor, engine, gearbox & differential oils, transmission & power steering fluids etc. from all types of motor vehicles placed on auto lift or a pit
Centrally Mounted 10 Litres (10.50 qt.) capacity bowl is height adjustable & can be optimally positioned allowing oil draining as well as other maintenance operations
Bowl comes fitted with Anti Splash Screen
Durable all-steel design and re-enforced castors; the unit provides a safe & affordable option for draining, transferring & evacuating used oil
Designed for excellent mobility, easy bowl positioning & simple to use gravity evacuation
Comes complete with a 14” (355 mm) telescopic bowl with height adjustment option
The tank comes fitted with Sight Gauge to check waste oil level & a Ball Valve to drain out oil
Not for use with fuels and corrosive media


  WOD/30G   WOD/50G
Tank Capacity   30 Litres (8 gallons)   50 Litres (13 gallons)
Bowl Capacity   10 Litres / 10.5 Quarts   10 Litres / 10.5 Quarts
Bowl inner Diameter   14” (355 mm)   14” (355 mm)
Maximum Height   55” (1400 mm)   63-1/2” (1613 mm)
Minimum Height   40” (1016mm)   40” (1016mm)