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Product Brief

316 Stainless Steel Hand Operated Pumps for use with combustible & flammable media.

Built-in Internal Flame Arrestor prevents flame flashback

Heavy-Duty bonding & grounding wires prevent hazardous static charge. Wires are secured by locknut & have heavy-duty Alligator Clips

Pump body made from 316 Stainless Steel with PTFE Piston & PTFE Sealing Gasket

Available in a choice of Vertical Lift & Lever Action for use with 5 gallon (20-30 litre) pails or 15-55 gallon (50 to 205 litre) drums. Pail pump comes with 4 screw cap adapters (1-3/4”, 2-1/8”, 2-1/4” & 2-7/8”) for use with most common pails. Drum pump comes with 2” Bung Adapter

316 Stainless Steel, PTFE

Gasoline, Diesel, Kerosene, Lacquer, Thinners, Acetone, Benzene, Naphtha, Urrea, DEF, Adblue etc. (more comprehensive list on adjoining page)

Hydrochloric Acid, Sulphuric Acid etc


Ordering Information

Cat. Nr.   Ord. Nr.   Pump Type   Suitable For
VLP/SS/5/F   44131   Vertical Lift   5 gl. (20-30 Litre) Pails
VLP/SS/55/F   44132   Vertical Lift   15-55 gl. (50-205 Litre) Drums
LLP/SS/5/F   44147   Lever Action   5 gl. (20-30 Litre) Pails
LLP/SS/55/F   44148   Lever Action   15-55 gl. (50-205 Litre) Drums
Acetaldehyde   Excellent
Acetic acid 20%   Excellent
Acetone   Excellent
Alcohol: Amyl   Excellent
Alcohol: Benzyl   Good
Alcohol: Diacetone   Excellent
Alcohol: Ethyl   Excellent
Alcohol: Hexyl   Excellent
Alcohol: lsobutyl   Excellent
Alcohol: Methyl   Excellent
Ammonia, anhydrous   Good
Ammonia, liquid   Good
Ammonia: 10%   Excellent
Ammonia: Hydroxide   Excellent
Amyl Acetate   Excellent
Anti-freeze   Fair
Benzene   Good
Benzoic Acid   Bad
Bleach   Fair
Boric Acid   Excellent
Calcium Chloride (30% in water)   Good
Calcium Hypochlorite   Good
Citric Acid   Excellent
Detergents   Excellent
Diesel Fuel   Excellent
Ethyl Acetate   Good
Ethylene Glycol   Good
Formic Acid   Excellent
Fuel Oils   Good
Gasoline   Excellent
Glycerin   Excellent
Hydrochloric Acid, to 37%   Bad
Hydrogen peroxide, to 30%   Bad
Jet Fuel (JP3: JP4: JP5)   Excellent
Kerosene   Excellent
Lacquer Thinners   Excellent
Lacquers   Excellent
Lactic Acid   Good
Methyl Ethyl Ketone   Excellent
Mineral Spirits   Excellent
Naptha   Good
Nitric Acid, to 20%   Excellent
Oxalic Acid, (Cold)   Excellent
Phenol   Good
Phosphoric Acid, to 40% solution   Fair
Photographic (developer)   Excellent
Potassium Chloride   Excellent
Potassium Hydroxide   Excellent
Potassium Sulfate   Excellent
Propylene Glycol   Good
Silicone   Excellent
Sodium Bicarbonate (Baking Soda)   Excellent
Sodium Carbonate(Soda Ash)   Excellent
Sodium Chloride   Good
Sodium Hydroxide 50% (Caustic Soda)   Good
Sodium Nitrate   Good
Sodium Sulfate   Good
Stoddard Solvent   Excellent
Sulfuric Acid, 75%   Bad
Toluene, Toluol   Excellent
Trichlorethylene   Good
Trichlorethane   Good
Turpentine   Excellent
Urea/DEF/Adblue   Good
Water   Excellent
Xylene   Good

The information in this chart is to be used ONLY as a guide in selecting equipment for appropriate chemical compatibility. Before permanent installation, test the equipment with the chemicals and under the specific conditions of your application.
We do not warrant (neither express nor implied) that the information in this chart is accurate or complete or that any material is suitable for any purpose.
Variations in chemical behavior during handling due to factors such as temperature pressure, and concentrations can cause equipment to fail.
The compatibility shown in the chart is based on 22°C (72°F)