PORTABLE GREASING SYSTEM     GS-5                            

esp Bomba de engrase - Portátil    frPompe àgraisse manuelle légère   de Abschmier systeme - tragban

Product Brief

Fully Portable & single person operation manual greasing system designed for volume greasing in workshop environments, site applications, on a pick-up truck, tractor, earth moving equipment etc.

Pump is operated by foot press of the spring loaded system. The hose gets charged with grease, which can then be dispensed through the Super Gun fitted at the end of the hose. A single charge provides 30 shots of grease

Aluminium die cast super gun develops greasing pressure and has High Pressure & Hi Volume settings, actuated through a simple switch. High pressure setting dispenses 0.45 gm of grease in each shot at 10,000 PSI. High volume setting dispenses 1.25 gms per shot

High pressure feature is very useful to open blocked grease fittings

Pump assembly is fully sealed to prevent contamination

Pump comes complete with drum cover , rubber lined follower plate, premium ½” ID high pressure hose, Super gun fitted with steel extension & coupler. Model GS-5 additionally includes 11 lb. (5 kg.) plastic grease bucket

GS-5 is supplied with a 1.5m long Hose, whereas GS-312 comes with a 2m long hose

Aluminum, Steel, Brass, Polyurethane & Nitrile Rubber

For Grease up to and including NLGI No. 2


Ordering Information

Cat. Nr.   Ordering Nr.   Bucket
  Pump Length
Below Drum
  Drum Cover Diameter   Follower Plate Dimensions   Hose Length
O.D. Steel end   O.D. Plate
GS/5   44250   5 kg / 11 lb.   7-3/4" (197 mm)   8-1/2" (216 mm)   6-3/4" (171 mm)   8-1/8" (206 mm)   1.5 m
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