GREASE CONTROL VALVE - METERED                                

esp Pistola de control para engrase    frSoupape de controle hydraulique   de Htøjtrykssmtørepistol

Product Brief

Premium quality Grease Control valve, for use with air operated grease pumps

Built-In High Accuracy Digital Grease Meter for dispensing exact amount of grease

Ability to measure amount of grease dispensed prevents both over & under lubrication & is invaluable in saving bearing failures

Provides continuous grease flow, with trigger fully pressed

Steel construction, provides durability & longevity. Meter uses oval gear technology

Ergonomically designed pistol handle

Comes complete with 6” steel extension & heavy duty coupler


Ordering Information

Cat. Nr.   Ordering Nr.   Description   Thread Specification
APG/04/1-4F/GM/B   43415   Meter Fitted to a Grease Control Valve   Inlet: 1/4” BSPT (F)
APG/04/1-4F/GM/N   43416   Meter Fitted to a Grease Control Valve   Inlet: 1/4” BSPT (F)
DGM/1/B   45620   In-Line Grease Meter   Inlet/Outlet: 1/8” BSPT
Control Valve Type Continuous Flow
Meter Type Digital Oval Gear
Grease Flow 0.1 to 2.5 kg / minute
Max. Working Pressure 8000 PSI (550 BAR)
Unit of Measurement Kg
Accuracy +/- 3%
Resettable Batch Total 9,999 gms
Cumulative Total 99999.9 kg
Battery Type 1.5 V (Two numbers)