GREASE CONTROL VALVES - PROFESSIONAL     APG-04                            

esp Pistola de control para engrase - alta presion    frSoupape de controle hydraulique   de Htøjtrykssmtørepistol

Product Brief

Premium quality Grease Control valve, for use with air operated grease pumps

Provides continuous grease flow, with trigger fully pressed

Steel construction, provides durability & longevity

Ergonomically designed pistol handle

Available as valve only, or fitted with 360° Z Swivel

Comes complete with 6” steel extension & heavy duty coupler

Available in a choice of inlet thread sizes


Ordering Information

Cat. Nr.   Ordering Nr.   Inlet Thread Specification   Outlet Thread Specification
Valve Only
APG/04/1-8F/B   43400   1/8" BSPT (F)   1/8" BSPT (F)
APG/04/1-4F/B   43401   1/4" BSPT (F)   1/8" BSPT (F)
APG/04/1-4F/M   43402   1/4" BSPT (F)   M10 x 1 (F)
APG/04/1-8F/N   43403   1/8" NPTF (F)   1/8" NPT (F)
APG/04/1-4F/N   43404   1/4" NPTF (F)   1/8" NPT (F)
Valve Fitted with Z Swivel
+ APG/04/Z/1-4F/B   43420   1/4" BSPT (F)   1/8" BSPT (F)
APG/04/Z/1-4M/B   43421   1/4" BSPT (M)   1/8" BSPT (F)
APG/04/Z/1-4F/M   43422   1/4" BSPT (F)   M10 x 1 (F)
+ APG/04/Z/1-4F/N   43423   1/4" NPTF (F)   1/8" NPT (F)
APG/04/Z/1-2-27M/N   43424   1/2" -27 NS (M)   1/8" NPT (F)
+ Standard on Groz Air Operated Grease Raio Pumps