FOOT OPERATED BUCKET GREASE PUMP     FOP/10A                            

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Product Brief

High Pressure Portable Grease Pump for quick effortless greasing in everyday lubrication such as greasing of excavators & other earth moving equipment, agricultural equipment, automotive etc.

Hands free operation; pump operates using the Foot Lever, which greatly reduces effort & allows high pressure greasing with highest comfort

Can be operated by hand when under low machinery

Economical, pump is operated by a single person & uses low cost bulk grease

Designed with all moving parts submerged in the same grease which needs to be pumped, thereby staying lubricated at all times

Moving parts create wave action in grease, auto removing air pockets & eliminating the use of a Follower plate

Pump delivers over 2 gms of grease per stroke & develops 8700 PSI (600 BAR)

Works with NLGI 1, 2 & 3 Greases

Steel, Nitrile Rubber


Ordering Information

Cat. Nr. Ordering Nr. Bucket Capacity
FOP/10A 44255 10 Kgs