AUTOMATIC LINE DRAIN                                

esp desagüe automático del aceite    fr vidange d’huile automatique   de automatischer ölablass

Product Brief

Condensate in compressed air causes corrosion in the pneumatic components which severely affect the function of the pneumatic
system / any machinery using compressed air

In order to prevent this & give system an increased life, Automatic Line Drain is fitted to the main airline piping to drain the condensate as and when collected. Automatic Line Drain is not a moisture separator. It drains only the condensate collected.

These units can be used with great advantage in pneumatic lines in foundries, textile mills, industrial shop floor, painting, pneumatic lines in process industries, etc.

Float type, hence no electrical connections required. When the condensate level increases, the float moves up & drains the condensate automatically
Cast Aluminum Body
Includes Manual Drain option
Provision for drain tube connection, to take the condensate away from the unit, to keep the working area clean.

Aluminum, Brass, Acetal , Stainless Steel & Nitrile



Ordering Information

Groz Part   Ordering   Threads   Condensate Discharge Capacity
NL161   60625   ¼" BSP   60 ml / minute
NL191   60626   ¼" NPT   2 oz. / minute