TROLLY MOUNTED OIL PUMP KITS                                

Product Brief

Trolley mounted kits are ideal for use in workshops, garages, shop floors providing complete portability for everyday oiling jobs

Designed for use with 55 gal. (205 Litre) Oil Drums, these come complete with

  1. Air Operated Oil Pump with 2" Bung (3:1 or 5:1)
  2. 3.5m (11-1/2") x 1/2" ID Oil Hose / Oil Hose Reel with 10m (30') x 1/2" Oil Hose
  3. Digital Control Gun
  4. Drum Trolley
  5. 1/4" Miniature Air Filter-Regulator & Lubricator
  6. Hose for connecting pump outlet to reel
    inlet* (*only for models with hose reel)

Kit comes in CKD form & can be assembled quickly.

Trolley can be locked with brakes provided on the wheels

Available in two variations both in BSP & NPT threads
  • 3:1 pump System
  • 5:1 pump system complete with Hose Reel