PAINT MIXERS                                

esp Mezclador de pintura    frMelangeur de peintures   de Rührquirl

Product Brief

Paint mixers are ideal for mixing paint and a multitude of other low density materials

Manufactured from a 5/16"(8mm) hexagonal shaft with fluted construction, these have an attractive red powder coated finish for increased protection against rust

Using Paint Mixers
Place Paint Mixer in the container of material and gently work around the container edges till the material starts flowing towards the center of the blades

  • Continue to gently work on the material till it is of desired consistency
  • For coarse or stiff materials, reverse the direction of the drill and follow above steps. The mixer works best with a variable speed reversible drill machine with 400 – 600 watts minimum power. Recommended speed between 200–700 RPM depending upon the material being mixed
  • Do not use Paint Mixer with lacquer or other such inflammable liquids [with flashpoint under 32°C (70°F)]
  • Insert mixer well into the material before turning on the drill.
  • When mixing is complete, wait for the mixer to come to a halt before removing it from the container.