ELECTRIC WASTE OIL PUMPS     EWOP                            

Product Brief

Electric Pump for waste oil evacuation
Flexible impeller design enables pumping high viscosity fluids at high flow rate
Motor with thermal overload protection to prevent over heating
Self priming ZAMAC body can handle a wide variety of fluids

Suction and Discharge Ports 
Dual threads: 3/8" NPT thread (F) and 3/4"-11.5 NH(M)

Ideal for pumping used engine oil, transmission oil, hydraulic oil etc.

Available in the following options
a. 115V, 60Hz AC
b. 220V, 50Hz AC
c. 12V DC

Duty Cycle: 45 min ON / 45 min OFF

WETTED COMPONENTS: ZAMAC, Stainless Steel, Nitrile Rubber, Neoprene
RECOMMENDED USE: Used Oil, Engine Oil, Transmission Oil, Hydraulic Oil, Water, Ethylene Glycol
DO NOT USE WITH: Gasoline, any flammable media

  EWOP/115/US EWOP/220/EU EWOP/12
FLOW RATE 23 LPM (6 GPM) 23 LPM (6 GPM) 17 LPM (4.5 GPM)
MAX. PRESSURE* 18 PSI (1.25 BAR) 18 PSI (1.25 BAR) 18 PSI (1.25 BAR)
SUCTION LIFT (DRY/WET) 6' (182 cm) /8' (243 cm) 6' (182 cm) /8' (243 cm) 6' (182 cm) /8' (243 cm)
DISCHARGE HEAD (WATER) 40' (12.2m) 40' (12.2m) 40' (12.2m)
MAX. VISCOSITY 2000 SSU (SAE 30) 2000 SSU (SAE 30) 2000 SSU (SAE 30)
POWER CABLE LENGTH 6' (182 cm) 6' (182 cm) N/A

*As pressure increases the flow rate will decrease


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