DRIP PANS            

Product Brief

A must have accessory with every drum pump; the Drip Pan fits into any 2” threaded opening on a Drum, barrel or tank

Used as a drain for returning over flown media back to the drum

It additionally works as a base for holding a container during dispensing

Keeps work place clean & eliminates wastage, saving money each time the pump is used

Designed with a Built-In 2” Bung Adaptor & strainer for draining clean media back into the drum

Available in 2 styles

Cast Iron Body Designed for use with pumps with a Suction Tube diameter equal or less than 1.32” (33.5 mm)

Cast Aluminum Body with 2” External & Internal threads. Design allows any pump with a 2” bung to fit onto the Drip Pan

DP/GNB/25   44075   Cast Iron Body
DP/AL/2   44076   Cast Aluminium Body