Recently, the demand for protective equipment has gone up exponentially. The virus has put an overwhelming pressure on the production capacity of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) suppliers worldwide making people realize the mission critical nature of these products. India realized the important role of protective gear in fighting with this pandemic and took efforts to promote a lot of local manufacturing. As a result, industries revamped their production lines to manufacture a new range of products which as a country, we never produced.

The target is to not only reduce dependency on imports but also to place India on the global map as a preferred supplier. A typical PPE, Face Shield, has started finding importance in day to day operations from residential society guards to tool booth operators apart from the typical use on shop floor. On the other hand, I am appalled by the quality of some of the equipment being sold in the market these days. Cheap quality imports ubiquitously made available for filling up the demand gap today hardly serve the purpose they are bought for. I have heard many users complain about the Face Shields. Either the cheap plastic breaks, the screen fogs during work or it gets scratches in couple of uses.

In turn, users lose clear visibility of the job at hand, get frustrated and stop using them or look for a new one. For GROZ, the time is now right to invest in giving people an option of a premium quality dependable protective equipment that is 100% locally made. To begin with first of many more to come, we have decided to start manufacturing Face Shields at our Gurgaon facility. Using a National Institute of Health (NIH) approved design, we have carefully developed the shield and made it practical considering daily use aspects and commonly faced issues.

The re-usable Face Shield has a PET Face Visor and a Polypropylene Head Visor. Learning from tons of interactions with people who use them, we gave the Shields additional Anti Fogging and Anti-Glare properties. The shield prototypes have been thoroughly tested to satisfaction at our facility. 3D Printer Prototyping Face Shields at GROZ Facility The tooling has started on the shop floor in full swing with an intention to make the shields commercially available from July 2020. GROZ has set aside enough capacity to roll out 5000 face shields every day and will be expanding the capacity to any level, based on future demand scenario. I am sure that in GROZ Face Shields, the users will find a dependable yet well-priced option.

Four decades of running a successful organization. How would one think this is achieved? Do you get plug and play processes and systems that guarantee success? No! The processes and systems get built over years and years of improvisation. And who brings in this improvisation? It is the people who give their sweat and blood to make every day better than the last one. This is the culture that defines life at GROZ.