In the 44 years of GROZ history, I have never been through anything like this before. In fact, for the most of us, this is an unusual experience. While the need of the hour is to stay safe and even more important is to keep our families safe, we are all making efforts to maintain continuity of our businesses. Here are some of the things I am trying to keep the engine running. Family first: This runs in the DNA of GROZ. During the time of facilities closure, I encourage everyone to take care of their families while GROZ takes care of its family of dedicated employees, loyal customers and partners.

Anticipate and Prepare: The last week saw a sudden movement in office where we were kind of anticipating that we would need to shut down the facilities. My dedicated staff spent endless hours in putting together an ‘emergency remote operations plan’, mobilized resources and put it in action within no time. We were ready!

Strategic v/s operational: While being physically non-operational poses challenges in day-to-day business, this gives us time to focus more on certain strategic projects. For example, while being in the confines of our homes, we have taken some analytical and knowledge management projects that will help us roll out better products and improve customer service in coming quarters. We are strengthening our teams remotely with superior domain knowledge so that we achieve greater customer satisfaction during our future interactions. Being available,

can’t thank technology enough: No alt text provided for this image I realize that the people and establishments associated should feel minimal to no difference in their dealings with GROZ. Our external facing teams have been enabled with latest communication technologies and access to key resources. They have been advised to be quick in their response. It is essential in these times that our stakeholders know that their needs will be addressed. After all, the show must go on and we must be ready for service when our customers are ready for business. Meanwhile, I wish all of you to be safe during these testing times

Four decades of running a successful organization. How would one think this is achieved? Do you get plug and play processes and systems that guarantee success? No! The processes and systems get built over years and years of improvisation. And who brings in this improvisation? It is the people who give their sweat and blood to make every day better than the last one. This is the culture that defines life at GROZ.