I have always believed in developing solutions that make people’s day to day operations easy. I look for trends of the future, understand the machines and mechanisms that work for people, come back to my enthusiastic engineering team and encourage them to build a solution that works better.

Sometimes, I look for the trends and inspirations and sometimes they present themselves to me. Situations such as the current corona virus pandemic present themselves in front of us to test our mindset. Whether we take ourselves down with it or find a way to show grit and stay true to your DNA is entirely up to us. The world foresees the pandemic situation as long term.

This has already started to change the way we operate in our surroundings. I see that a number of small or big newer systems are being introduced in our daily routine. GROZ plants also have invested in things we did not imagine would be required so far, such as infrared thermometers, alcohol based hand sanitizers, water faucets with sensors, foot stops for doors and so on. Walking around the factory a few days ago, I spotted a GROZ family member cleaning up his safety glasses with sanitizer. I looked around and could see all of them wearing safety glasses.

I felt that it is my responsibility to provide them with sanitized glasses and started looking for a better solution. While I was working on the solution for internal use, I also felt a need for a eye-wear sanitization solution that can serve multiple industries such as manufacturing, workshops, schools and colleges etc. I decided to go for it, but the need for this solution was immediate and the solution cycle could not take a long time.

Considering all these factors, we put this project in agile mode and acquired a brilliant solution within 4 weeks. – THE GROZ EYEWARE SANITIZER CABINET, a UV based cabinet that has the capability to sanitize 36 goggles in just 15 minutes. After testing this successfully at our facility to make sure that it passes the GROZ quality checks and after working out the operational viability, we recently made this solution commercially available. We have been receiving an unprecedented response since. Friends, the point here is, would we make the engineer inside stay awake and look for creating something useful in such times or do we let the situation take us down? Engineering is in the GROZ DNA and I inherit it. Do you have similar stories to share?

Recently, the demand for protective equipment has gone up exponentially. The virus has put an overwhelming pressure on the production capacity of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) suppliers worldwide making people realize the mission critical nature of these products.