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MULTIPURPOSE VEE BLOCK & CLAMP SET       VB-MP                             
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esp   Calzos en "V" fr   Vés de précision de   Doppelprismenpaar mit Spannbügel
Groz website

Product Brief

High Precision Multi Purpose Vee Blocks - ideal for use in layout work in tool rooms

Designed for holding square or round pieces with high accuracy

Blocks have stepped grooves that allow the clamps to be inserted without protrusion allowing blocks to be used on ends or sides in addition to the base

Blocks are hardened within 50-55 HRC. Matched pair of Vee Blocks are perfectly aligned with 90° Vee grooves ground central and parallel to the sides and base

Available as matched pairs complete with two clamps

Groz website
Ordering Information

Cat. Nr. Ordering Nr. Block Length Block Width Block Height Clamping Capacity
inch mm inch mm inch mm inch mm
VB/MP/IP 02920 2-3/8 60 2-3/4 70 2 50 2 50
Groz website
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