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STRAIGHT EDGE SQUARES       SS-SE                             
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Groz website

Product Brief

An excellent range of workshop squares with straight edge

Made from selected tool steel, these are fully hardened and ground. Squares have accurate right angles on the inside and outside. Both the blade and stock are made from a single piece of steel which ensures straightness and parallelism

Groove on the inner corner of the stock helps in removing burrs and dirt

This range of squares comes in handy fot setting up, checking machinery & in everyday workshop use

Groz website
Ordering Information

Cat. Nr. Ordering Nr. Blade Length (L1)
(from inner edge of stock to end of blade)
Stock Lenght (L2)
(from edge of stock to inner edge of blade)
Squareness of blade edges to working faces of stock
inch mm inch mm inch microns
SS/SE/3 01130 3-1/8 80 2 50 0.0011 30
SS/SE/5 01131 5 125 3 75 0.0013 33
SS/SE/6 01132 6-3/4 170 4 100 0.0015 37
SS/SE/8 01133 8-1/2 215 5-1/8 130 0.0016 42
SS/SE/10 01134 10-1/2 265 6-3/8 162 0.0018 47
Groz website
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