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SELF CENTERING VICES - SUPER PRECISION       SCV-SP                             
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esp   Mordaza autocentrante alta presión fr   Étau centreur de précision de   Zentrischspanner
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Product Brief

The Self Centering vice allows for accurate centering of jobs automatically. The vice is specially useful in applications where the same operation is to be performed on workpieces of varying sizes

The special design allows accurate setting up of jobs with only a single machine setting. Centric clamping is particularly useful in milling, slot and groove cutting of all kinds

Manufactured from high tensile seasoned cast iron with fully hardened and ground tool steel jaws, the vice has opposite threads for quick and accurate centering. Rotation of the crank handle automatically adjusts workpiece to the center

Fully graduated 360° swivel base allows the vice to be set at any angle along the vertical axis

A milled slot in the vice base allows for accurate location of the vice on the machine table using rectangular locating nuts

"Hold Down" slots allows for secure clamping of the vice on the work table

Groz website
Ordering Information

Cat Nr.   Ordering Nr.   Jaw Width   Jaw Opening   Jaw Depth   Net Wt. Each
Inch   mm   Inch   mm   Inch   mm   Kg.
SCV/SP/100   35040   4   100   4   100   1-1/2   38   14.300
SCV/SP/125   35044   5   125   5   125   1-3/4   45   26.00
SCV/SP/150   35045   6   150   6   150   1-3/4   45   36.00
Groz website
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