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MERCHANDISER STAND FOR VICES       D6                             
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esp   Soporte de Merchandiser de vicio / Torno fr   Support pour les Vices Merchandiser de   Merchandiser Ständer für Schraubstöcke
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Product Brief

Merchandiser Stand for display of Bench, Machine & Drill Press Vices

All Steel construction to take a lot of load

Floor mounted design; open from all 4 sides & is best for island displays in a showroom away from walls & corners

Designed in a pyramidal shape, the stand takes minimal floor space & has 5 shelves tapering up

The heavier & bigger vices should be placed in the lower shelves, with the lighter ones going upwards

Groz website
Ordering Information

Cat Nr Total Length Total Width Total Height
D6 22.4” (570 mm) 14.17” (360 mm) 62.99” (1600 mm)
Groz website
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