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Product Brief

Merchandiser Stand for display of packaged product for retail sale

Stand is made from steel & is heavy duty to take a lot of load. Stand has a perforated back for displaying packaged product on hooks

Each stand comes with 30 hooks, 15 are 6” (150 mm) long & the other 50 are 8” (200 mm) long

In addition to wall display, there is additional shelf display on the base of the stand & 2 more shelves which can be fitted at any height. Each shelf can take up to 100 kg weight

Stand is 2.4 metres tall ,1 metre wide & 0.5 metres deep

Top of the stand has Light box with Groz branding. White light (tube) must be installed in the light box for proper effect. Tube Holder, Tube & wiring are not included with the stand & must be sourced locally based on the voltage & style of lighting fixtures common to the region

Groz website
Ordering Information

Cat Nr Total Length Total Width Total Height
D5 39.37” (1000 mm) 19.69” (500 mm) 94.5” (2400 mm)
Groz website
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