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esp   Pistola Manual fr   Pistolet Standard de Distribution Gasoil / Fuel de   Standard-Füllpistole
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Product Brief

For use with Electric Fuel Pumps & gravity feed applications

All Metal Construction with the Body, Discharge Spout, Trigger & Guard made from Aluminium

Hose Swivel at Inlet for increased maneuverability & convenience in use

Manual control. Also includes continuous flow switch for unattended dispensing

Designed for minimal back pressure & reduction in flow

6-5/16” (160 mm) long Spout

For use with Diesel, Kerosene & Petrol

Aluminum, Steel, Nylon, Nitrile Rubber

Fuel Nozzles can also be custom manufactured with curved Discharge Spout


Groz website
Ordering Information

Cat. Nr. Ordering Nr. Inlet Threads Outlet Outside Dia.
FCN/S/3-4/3-4/BSP 45580 3/4" BSP (F) 3/4" (19 mm)
FCN/S/0-1/0-1/BSP 45581 1" BSP (F) 1" (25 mm)
FCN/S/3-4/3-4/N 45590 3/4" NPT (F) 3/4" (19 mm)
FCN/S/0-1/0-1/N 45591 1" NPT (F) 1" (25 mm)
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