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AIR COUPLER & NIPPLE                                    
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esp   Acoplador de Aire y Engrasador fr   Air coupleur et le mamelon de   Air-Koppler und Nippel
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Product Brief

For instantaneous coupling of grease guns, impact wrenches, paint sprayers & other air operated equipment

Positive action locking mechanism ensures that coupler cannot be detached accidentally

Unique Coupler design allows coupler & nipple to be joined together without the need to pull back sleeve

Extra large air passage ensures greater air flow

Automatic air check valve shuts off air instantly when uncoupled, providing leak proof seal

Extra long stem of AN/1-4/N nipple & coupler body assures long service life & easy connections under severe operating conditions

Heavy Duty Steel construction
Threaded ¼” NPT

Max. Pressure<br>250 PSI (17 BAR)
Max. Pressure
250 PSI (17 BAR)

Groz website
Ordering Information

QCA/1-4F/N 60700 Air Coupler 1/4" NPT (F)
AN/1-4/N 60701 Nipple for Air Coupler 1/4" NPT (M)
AN/1-4F/N 60705 Nipple for Air Coupler 1/4" NPT (F)
* IV/PGG 60702 Universal Air Nipple 1/4" NPT (M)
New     * standard on all Groz Air Operated Grease Guns
Groz website
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