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Product Brief

Impact & Weather resistant Nylon Body

Corrosion resistant Stainless Steel Nozzle & parts

Drop Resistant construction

Handle with Soft rubber grip for convenience in continuous use

Ergonomic design of the gun helps eliminate the risk of Carpel Tunnel Syndrome

Brass threaded Air Inlet ensures that threads do not shear with repeated use

Variable speed trigger for full control of amount of air dispensed

Silent operation with noise level under 80 db. Confirms to OSHA STD 1910-95 (b) for max. noise level when used with air with 6 BAR (90 PSI) pressure

Max. Blowing Force with minimal air consumption reduces energy cost , saving money each time the gun is used

Confirms to OSHA STD 1-13.1 for safety & are classified as safety Blow guns*

*Except ABG/1

Also Available:
4”(100mm) dia. Protective Chip Shield for ABG/3 Series Air Blow guns
Cat. Nr. PS/ABG/3
Ordering Nr. 61050
Variant Picture
Air Blow Gun
Variant Picture
Safety Air Blow gun with Snub Nose Rubber tip
Variant Picture
Safety Air Blow gun with Stainless Steel Nozzle & Polyurethane Silencer
Variant Picture
Custom Manufactured
Pressure Reducing Air Blow Guns with output air Pressure of 30 PSI (2 BAR) when inlet air pressure is 90 PSI (6 BAR)
Variant Picture
Custom Manufactured
Extended Reach Air Blow Guns with nozzle lengths 13” (328 mm), 20” (498 mm) & 39” (1013 mm)

Operating Pressure:<br>50 PSI to 235 PSI<br>(3.5 BAR to 16 BAR)
Operating Pressure:
50 PSI to 235 PSI
(3.5 BAR to 16 BAR)


Groz website
Ordering Information

Cat. Nr. Ordering Nr. Cat. Nr. Ordering Nr. Description Noise Level at 100 PSI* Blowing Force at 100 PSI Air Consumption at 100 PSI
BSP Threads NPT Threads kgs lbs.
ABG/1/1-4F/BSP 61000 ABG/1/1-4F/N 61010 Air Blow Gun

77 db 0.26 0.57 9.53 CFM
ABG/2/1-4F/BSP 61001 ABG/2/1-4F/N 61011 Air Blow Gun with Snub
nose Rubber Tip (OSHA ok)

77 db 0.38 0.83 15.89 CFM
ABG/3/1-4F/BSP 61002 ABG/3/1-4F/N 61012 Air Blow Gun with Stainless
Steel Nozzle (OSHA ok)

80 db 0.35 0.76 15.18 CFM
ABG/4/1-4F/BSP 61003 ABG/4/1-4F/N 61013 Air Blow Gun with Stainless
Steel Nozzle & Silencer
(OSHA ok)
75 db 0.31 0.68 13.42 CFM
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