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KWIK CLAMPS - QUICK ACTION WOODWORKING CLAMPS       Series KBC                             
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Product Brief

These quick action clamps are by far amongst the most convenient, strong & accurate. These clamps have the quickest adjustment mechanism - simply lifting the Aluminium die-cast handle allows the sliding jaw to be moved anywhere on the rail

The rail is made from special "K" section steel profiled to minimize flexing & bending. The steel rails have serrations that engage with a hardened steel insert in the moving jaw to eliminate slippage. Four hardened rollers in the moving head maintain a constant 90° angle under load, ensuring that the clamp heads remain parallel to each other & at right angles to the rail at all times. The clamp jaws are encased in non-marring, glue resistant polypropylene casing


Groz website
Ordering Information

Cat. Nr. Ordering Nr. Clamping Capacity
Inch mm
KBC/12 39180 12 300
KBC/24 39181 24 600
KBC/31 39182 31 775
KBC/40 39183 40 1000
KBC/50 39184 50 1250
PCB/4/ST               39190
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