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DUPLEX RABBET & FILLISTER PLANE       DRFP-78                             
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Product Brief

Manufactured from high quality grey iron castings, the plane is used for producing rabbeting cuts in doorframes, windows, furniture & cabinet carcasses. Cuts rabbets both with & across the grain!

The plane has 2 positions for the cutter. The rear position for regular rabbet work & the forward position for bull-nose work. When used in usual rear position, the cutter is adjustable for depth of cut

The plane is fitted with:
Spur: Kept flush with the base when cutting with the grain. It is brought into use by turning through 90° when cutting across the grain. The Spur in this position prevents tearing & splintering of wood which otherwise would occur when cutting across the grain

Adjustable fence: Can be fitted on either side of the plane
Depth gauge: Adjustable upto 1/2" (12mm). This also is removable


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Ordering Information

Cat. Nr. Ordering Nr. Length Cutter Width
Inch mm Inch mm
DRFP/78 39730 8.1/2 212 1.1/2 40
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