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Product Brief

Professional quality anvils, these are manufactured from cast steel that allows these to be used for far more rigorous applications than a conventional cast iron anvil. The anvil face is precision ground and provided with Pritchel & Hardy holes .The beak is strong and can be used for bending applications. Anvil body has an attractive oven baked finish. An unbreakable, indispensable tool for any workshop


Groz website
Ordering Information

Cat. Nr. Ordering Nr. Weight
Kg lbs
AVL/CS/5 14210 5 11
AVL/CS/10 14211 10 22
AVL/CS/15 14212 15 33
AVL/CS/20 14213 20 44
AVL/CS/30 14214 30 66
AVL/CS/40 14215 40 88
AVL/CS/50 14216 50 110
AVL/CS/60 14217 60 132
Groz website
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