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Product Brief

Tweezers are used for picking up small objects that are not easily handled by hands

Manufactured from Stainless Steel.Tweezers make use of two levers connected at one fixed end called the fulcrum with pincers at the other

These are extensively used for servicing & repairs in electronics, computers, instruments, radio and other subminiature assemblies

Available in the following types:

Industrial Tweezers: High quality tweezers for toolmakers, repairmen, electronic assemblers and other prefessionals

Utility Tweezers: Used by mechanics, craftsmen and hobbyist's

Swiss Pattern Tweezers: Finest quality with hardened precision points these are especially useful for subminiature assemblies

Boley Pattern Tweezers: Fine quality tweezers for jewelers, watchmakers, instrument assemblers & craftspeople

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Ordering Information

Cat. Nr.   Ordering Nr.   Length   Point Type   Material
inch   mm  
Industrial Tweezers
TWZ/401XX   03711   4-3/4   120      Strong Sharp      Non Magnetic S.S
TWZ/403   03702   6-1/8   155      Blunt Serrated      Magnetic S.S
TWZ/408   03701   4-3/4   120      Sharp Bent      Magnetic S.S
TWZ/410   03703   4-3/4   120      Narrow Sharp      Magnetic S.S
TWZ/412   03705   6-1/2   165      Blunt point with slide lock      Magnetic S.S
TWZ/413   03704   4-3/4   120      Sharp      Magnetic S.S
Utility Tweezers
TWZ/414   03706   6-1/2   165      Blunt serrated(Self slosing)      Magnetic S.S
TWZ/415   03708   7   176      Cured (teeth inside)      Magnetic S.S
TWZ/416   03713   4-9/16   116      Spade      Magnetic S.S
TWZ/417   03707   6-3/4   172      Long Straight      Magnetic S.S
Swiss Pattern Tweezers
TWZ/423-3C   03709   4-13/32   112      Very fine      Non Magnetic S.S
Boley Pattern Tweezers
TWZ/401AA   03712   5   127      Strong sharp bevel      Non Magnetic S.S
TWZ/ST-6   03720      6 pc Tweezer set comprising one each of TWZ/401XX,
   TWZ/403, TWZ/412, TWZ/414, TWZ/415 & TWZ/417 packed to a vinyl pouch
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