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BALL BEARING VEE BLOCK & CLAMP SETS       VB-BB                             
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Product Brief

High precision Ball Bearing Vee Blocks are used to inspect & detect out of round conditions, defects and lobes without damage to both the parts being checked and the Vee Block itself

Ideal for use where inspection set-ups are not otherwise possible using regular Vee Blocks. Design allows inspection of components from two angles by turning the spacer block 90°

Vee Block bases are made from cast iron and use hardened 60HRC wear resistant balls with sphericity controlled to within 0.000025"
(0.6 microns) on the small and medium sets and 0.00005"
(1.27 microns) on the large set. Balls are finished to 0.2 micro inches

Supplied in matched pairs, complete with two clamps and one test ball

Matched pairs are controlled to within ±0.0002" (±0.005mm)

Groz website
Ordering Information

Cat. Nr.   Ordering
  Detail   Capacity without Clamps   Dia of Balls   Clamping Capacity
Minimum   Maximum
Inch   mm   inch   mm Kgs   Lbs
VB/BB/1-2   02940   Small Pair   3/64   1.20   2-1/2   63   1/2"   100   220
VB/BB/15-16   02941   Medium Pair   3/32   2.38   5   127   15/16"   500   1100
VB/BB/1-1-2   02942   Large Pair   3/16   4.76   15   381   1-1/2"   900   2000
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