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ELECTRONIC & AUDIBLE EDGE FINDERS       EF/2D                             
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esp   Localizador de bordes - Electronico y Audible fr   Pinule De centrage - Électronique et Audible de   Kantentaster - Elektronische und Vernehmbare
Groz website

Product Brief

Designed for 2D aligning of component reference surfaces & edges, determining bore centres with reference to the centre of the machine spindles

Edge finder has an Industrial Robust & non wearing design, with the body made from hardened steel & a spring loaded highly accurate steel ball

On contact between the spherical tip & the metal component, the unit lights up, thus identifying the point of reference

The Audible version in addition to lighting up, also triggers alarm

All functional parts are hardened & accurately ground

Reads off any electrically conductive metal

Comes complete with batteries (12V Pencil)

Concentricity controlled to within ±0.0004" (±0.010 mm)

Groz website
Ordering Information

Cat. Nr. Ordering Nr. Type Shank Dia. Ball Dia.
EF/2D/1-2/0.2 03538 Electronic 1/2" 0.200"
EF/2D/l 03535 Electronic 3/4" 0.400"
EF/2D/AD/l 03537 Electronic & Audible 3/4" 0.400"
Groz website
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