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esp   Gramil torreta basculante fr   Trusquins de Mécanicien - Base prismatique de   Oberflächenlehre
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Product Brief

A basis tool for machinists and toolmakers, the Universal Surface Gauge is used for accurately scribing lines, transferring measurements or probing surfaces in inspection work. Design incorporates

     A fully hardened and ground base which serves as an accurate
      reference surface
     A machined Vee groove in the base allows the gauge to be used
      conveniently on curved surfaces
     A Vee groove at the front end allows the spindle to adjust to any
      angle above or below the base allowing it to be used as a
      height gauge and also as a depth gauge.
     Two retractable pins allow the gauge to be located against the
      edge of a surface plate or T-slot for linear work
     A 1/4" (6.35 mm) hole in the spring loaded scriber holder allows a
      dial indicator to be attached conveniently making the gauge useful
      for checking flatness, parallelism, heights, depths etc.
     Grooves on the side of the base allow for comfortable grip
     Well tapered scriber for better sighting while working. The scriber
      tip is hardened to 55-60 HRC

Groz website
Ordering Information

Cat. Nr. Ordering Nr. Base Dimensions Spindle Length Scriber Length
inch mm inch mm inch mm
SG/4-7 03200 2-3/16×1-5/8 55×40 7" With extra 4" spindle 175 mm with extra 100 mm spindle 3 75
SG/9-12 03201 3-1/8×2-1/2 80×63 12" With extra 9" spindle 300 mm with extra 225 mm spindle 7 175
SG/12-18 03205 4×3-1/2 100×90 18" With extra 12" spindle 450 mm with extra 300 mm spindle 7-9/32 185
Groz website
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