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MULTI-USE RULE AND GAUGE       RNG-4                             
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esp   Múltiples uso Regla e Calibrador fr   Multiple D'Usage Regle et Jauge de   Mehrfache Gebrauch Regel und Lehre
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Product Brief

A popular pocket-sized, 5 - in - 1 tool useful for a variety of applications

Can be used as:

  A Drill Point Gauge for checking 59° angle drill points
  A Protractor for measuring and laying out angles
  A Center Finder for locating centers on shafts and circles
  A Circle Divider for dividing circles into sectors, polygons and
   polygrams (up to nine equal parts)
  Tap and Drill Table shows popular tap sizes and corresponding
   drills sizes for American National threads

Manufactured from stainless steel, this multi use tool comes complete with a 4" (100 mm) rule with permanently etched graduations in 64ths and millimeters

As a Drill Point Gage
As a Square
As a Protractor
As a Center Finder
As a Circle Divider
Groz website
Ordering Information

Cat. Nr.   Ordering Nr.
RNG/4   01240
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