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RAPID ACTION DRILL PRESS VICES       RAV                             
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esp   Mordazas para taladro - Acción Rápida fr   Étaus de Perceuse à serrage rapide de   Schnellspann Bohrmaschinen-Schraubstöcke
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Product Brief

Manufactured from graded cast iron for extra strength and increased durability

Precision machining of vice sides- at right angles to the base allows these vices to be used on sides in addition to being used on the base

Vices are equipped with a rapid action mechanism - A simple half turn of the spindle in anti-clockwise direction activates the mechanism- A very useful feature in repetitive work situations for holding different size jobs

Groz website
Ordering Information

Cat. Nr.   Ordering Nr.   Jaw Width   Jaw Opening   Jaw Depth
Inch   mm   Inch   mm   Inch   mm
RAV/35   35130   3-1/2   89   3-13/16   97   1-3/4   44
RAV/45   35131   4-1/2   113   4-3/4   120   1-7/8   45
RAV/60   35132   6   150   6-3/4   169   2-1/8   54
Groz website
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