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Product Brief

High Precision Milling Machine Vice with a rotary fixed head

The rotary head has 4 faces each with a different jaw option: Plain, Vertical V, Horizontal V & Prismatic

Rotary head design eliminates the possibility of any inaccuracy, which may occur when jaws are replaced.

Jaws can be changed by simple rotation of the Rotary Head and fixed in position using 2 hex bolts

Manufactured from close grained hi-tensile seasoned cast iron, the vice body has a premium polychrommatic finish

Vice jaws are made from fully hardened (55±3 HRC) and ground tool steel

Use of high tensile grade 10.8 fasteners provides greater strength and rigidity. The 360° swivel base allows the vice to be set at any angle along the vertical axis

Plain Jaw
Vertical V
Horizontal V
Groz website
Ordering Information

Cat. Nr.   Ordering Nr.   Jaw Width   Jaw Opening   Jaw Depth   Net Wt. Each
inch   mm   inch   mm   Inch   mm   Kg.
RHV/100   35051   4   100   4   100   1-7/16   37   20.0
RHV/120   35052   4-13/16   120   5   125   1-11/16   42   32.0
RHV/150   35053   6   150   6   150   1-27/32   47   46.75
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